There’s always Another way

With Another web design we’ll climb that mountain... together

Another Web Design is the Nottingham based studio for freelance web designer Gemma Harris.

But I'm not just another freelance web designer; I'm a project manager, a front end developer and best of all a doer.

Responsive freelance web design

I specialise in responsive web design, so your website will look and function great no matter the viewing device.

Give it a whirl, resize your browser and see the layout change to best suit the available real estate.


In order to get a complete overview for your web design project I take my time to listen and research. Together we'll develop a brief which outlines what you need your website to do.

And maybe what you didn't realise you need your website to do.


Once I have all* of the facts I'll first sit down with pen and paper (the archaic way) before moving to more detailed mock ups in order to develop a solution which not only meets, but exceeds your expectations.

*No doubt we'll need to fill in some blanks along the way, so I'll need you to work with me on this.


After the design has been agreed I'll start to build your website using HTML5 and CSS3 with a splash of jQuery (the stuff used to make websites). As the website takes shape I'll provide you with updates.

At the end we'll meet to sign off the project and put the website live.